Indie Author Review

Here it goes paying it forward about an indie author both me and my husband enjoy. Ms. JD Nixon currently writes two series, although there have been rumors of a third series appearing.

Little Big Town is the first series and my favorite. Set in Australia she tells the trials and tribulations of a small town police department. The main heorine is Tess Fuller and she is as neat a character as they come. The bane of Tess’s life and small town are the Bycroft family. The crowd is bad to the bone with one exception Jake Bycroft, Tess’s boyfriend. Excellent series with plenty of plot, humor and good writing. 

The second series is Ms. Nixon’s Heller series. Heller is the name of the main male character while her female character is Tilly Chambers. Tilly is a hoot and seems to waltz right off the page. 

So I heartly encourge giving JD Nixon a try. She has the first books of both series availble for free. She self publishes on Smashwords and her ebooks are available thru Nook, Kindle, and Ipad ( I think). She is on Facebook, an author page and JD Nixon fan club. 


Blood Ties- Little Big Town series first novel
Heller- Heller series first novel