Quote of the Day

Stress can bog us down. Sometimes if we just take a deep breath and remember “we’ve been here and we faced it” it helps calm the fear of stress. Lately stress has been getting the better of me. Today is my deep breath and reminder that I’ve got this.

Cheers, james


Eyes sparkle, mischief dances
Little head tosses, let’s run
Soft nose softly blows
My face, let’s race

Tiny hooves flash and dance
Maine and tale flow
Legs working, Run

Old man stumbles,
Soft nose tiredly blows
My face, the race is run.
Tiny horse, I can’t run.

18 years we’ve run and play
Side by side, best of friends
Now has come time to say
Good Bye, Run wild, run free

One day we shall once
Again, Run.
Be at peace till that time,
Find the others that went
Before and Run.

In memory of my sweet little horse, Chestnutt.


I met a lady today and we talked. But then she got upset thinking about the problems in her life. She was crying and said she considered suicide. Whoa, hold it, lets not go there. We talk a while longer, gave her my phone number and the phone number of a friend.

I hope and I pray that when I left her I gave a measure of hope. I told her if you want or need to talk ,call day or night. I was put in place to help her and I hope I passed the test.

I did ask her if she would like a kitten and said they could leave their mama next week. She laughed and smiled as I recounted their antics. She said she would love a kitten. I wonder which one she’ll chose.

If you are willing please say a prayer for her in her time of need. She needs the Good Lord’s grace to hold her close and carry her through this. In times of need, faith carries us in His loving arms. Thank you, james