2nd Amendment

I would like to beg your indulgence and allow me to stand on my soap box for a moment. If law, politics, guns, and the NRA are not your thing then you might wanna catch me next post. 

I read an article yesterday about the NRA and their vice president spouting off about end of the world and guns will save you. I thought it interesting the author was less than thrilled with the conference. However my own personal belief is that every household should own at least two guns: a shotgun and a rifle. The reasoning is a shotgun is a double duty tool; home defense and hunting. The rifle can be pressed into service for defense but is better designed for hunting.

Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom wanted to ensure both the safety and the ability to eat with the second amendment. It would have been impossible for them to fathom a world/society where weapons (guns, knives & swords) would not be a regular everyday tool needed for our survival. I also believe their recent encounters with the threat of tyranny and monarchy made them more aware of the need of giving our citizens a way to ensure revolt would be possible should a tyrannous government should arise. Therefore they included a two-part clause in the second amendment; the right to own and bear arms and the right to a standing militia.

Our forefathers believed in protecting home and hearth as well as our country’s freedoms. A lot of people do not believe in the need of protection, because that is what the police and the government are for. Sadly the police can only pick up the pieces from the aftermath of an emergency situation. The same is true of our government. Anyone who doubts the truth of those statements, remember Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.

So if you own a gun or two make sure you and your family are properly trained how and When they should be used. And if you don’t own a gun then maybe think about finding a good gun store and learn about them. Guns aren’t nearly as scary when you know a little about them.

Okay I am stepping down from my soap box. Thank you. Oh and those hard working policemen and government folks, please remember they are human too.