Wing Sung 3008 Update

I wrote about my mint green Wing Sung 3008 and mentioned I had ordered another one. Well the gold one was for the hubby. I inked it up with Noodler’s Red-Black. He likes both the pen and the size and he loves the color. Double win for the wife!

So my Wing Sung has been used pretty much everyday since I got it. No complaints and no problems. I have almost used up the first ink fill up of the Monteverde Califorina Teal. I know, I know I cheated by dumping the Aubergine I first tried.

So now to decide what to ink it with now. My choices are Aubergine, Noodlers Black Swan with English Roses, Black Swan with Australian Roses and Pilot Irishoki Ku-Jaku. I also have a bottle of Diamine Emerald, although I haven’t been impressed with it since I tried it. It was my first non black ink and my first Goulet Pens purchase.

I am in love the Noodlers Black Swan with English Roses and I think a bottle is on my list of to purchase. I have used it for note taking at a work training event this week. Very nice and well behaved ink in an extra fine nib and a regular legal pad. No problems with bleed through, although I had a piece of cardstock under the page I would write on. Just in case it didn’t want to behave.

Cheers on this lovely Valentine’s evening. I hope you and your loved ones have a spectacular time. james

Pen Review: Jinhao 559

New pen, new year. Okay maybe not exactly, I got it the last week or so of December. I like this pen. It writes well, even in a fine nib. Unlike the Jinhao 992, the 559 is long enough so I don’t pop the cap off when I post it. The price was incredibly cheap, I purchased it from Wish.

I currently have it inked with Diamine Aqua Blue. I haven’t had any problems with it hard starting or being finicky. I haven’t had to change out the ink and clean the yet. Other than its intial clean before inking it. I have left it along for several days and it starts writing as soon as the nib touches paper.

The paper I have been using is my journal that has fountain pen friendly paper. And the Staple Arc dis bound notebook. Both are thicker papers and have handled both extra fine and medium nib fountain pens well. I have not tried it on regular copy paper as this is a home pen and not a everyday carry pen. I am still leery of toting plastic pens around and having a catastrophic failure of the inky kind.

Jinhao 559 fine nib inked with Diamine Aqua Blue on Staples Arc paper

There is one issue that I really hadn’t noticed about the 559. It is a Lamy Vista copy. Some folks dislike using clones or copies. However when I ordered it I didn’t know anything about the Vista. It was only after watching and old Goulet Pen review of Noodler’s Black ink that I saw a Vista. So I leave you to your own decision. If you don’t mind a copy the 559 is a great writer for a small price.

Cheers, james

Fountain Pen: Take 2

I wrote a few weeks ago about aquiring a couple of Hero fountain pens and a bottle of Parker Quink black ink. So now I want to update on my new ink samples, (Thank you Goulet Pens) and my new Sheaffer Veiwpoint fountain pen.

After much discussion and browsing for ink. I found out they sell 2 mL ink samples. And as far as I can tell every ink they sell, you can get a sample. So I picked out four gorgeous inks and awaited delivery. I ordered the samples Thursday night, I received them Monday afternoon. The colors are bright and vibrant. I used a dip pen from a calligraphy set I never could master and tested them.


I, then cleaned my pen I had ink in. That was fun trying to put the ink back in the bottle only to later learn. Yeah you can but why would you want to. And after much flushing got my pen clean. I let it dry for twenty minutes maybe before I tried putting a new ink in it. De Atramentis Edgar Allen Poe green, I noticed the ink flowed smoothly but it scratched on the paper. I haven’t gotten it straight yet, but I have hope.

The Sheaffer Viewpoint is a medium nib and the blue ink is very blue and bright. It writes much larger and somewhat wetter, the nib size I believe. So I have two working inked fountain pens and cool ink to play with. I still urge you give them a try if you have ever wanted to try or thought fountain pens are cool.

Cheers, james

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