Hey guys,

I apologize for my long absence things have been crazy the last month since Florence came to visit. Great news we are up to 185 folks strong. Thank you! Me and the hubby survived Florence.

I found this awesome website that allows you to take classes online for free. Orignally I signed up for a course on the Book of Kells. Wow what a treasure. I may do a post on that once I really get in the class. Then I stumbled on a 8 week class called Starting to Write Fiction.

Now both courses are up and running. I am into week 2 on the Starting to Write Fiction and it is a great refesher so far. Pretty sure it will get more indepth as it goes along.

The format is pretty easy, sign up and you can see how the course is broken up and the individual sections. Articles, videos and audio clips are the way material is presented. Then you have a comment section where you interact with fellow classmates.

If you are interested in taking some online classes, I recomend giving FutureLearn.com a try. Cheers, james