Quote of the Day: Jimmy Buffett

Uncle John’s Band

Well the first days are hardest days
Don’t you worry any more
Cause when life looks like easy street
There is danger at the door
Think this thought of me, let me know your mind
Oh oh all I want to know is-are you kind

Uncle John’s Band was another song off the Fruitcakes album. This is another favorite from that album. Thursday I’ll share another with you. Cheers, james

Quote of the Day: Jimmy Buffet

Love in the library, quiet and cool
Love in the library, there are no rules
Surrounded by stories surreal and sublime
I fell in love in the library once upon a time

Jimmy Buffet released this song on the Fruitcakes album in the mid-1990s. The imagery of this song and the whole album spoke to me and turned me into a fan of his music. And I shared his sentiments of “Math Sucks” back as a student.

I included a youtube link to the song. Cheers on a Thursday morning. james