Happy Anniversary: 7 years

Seven years ago I started this blog. Today I have readers the world over and almost 300 hundred folks have chosen to come along on this journey. The past seven years have been a wild and wonderful ride. So much has changed since I published my first post.

Thank you to my wonderful readers and friends the world over. The journey is far from over. Here is to another seven years and many more besides. Cheers, james

Faith and Steve Harvey

My co-worker and I listen to the Steve Harvey morning show and he was talking about faith. His take on faith struck a cord with me both as a person and as a writer. Mr. Harvey said faith is an undenyable truth that a person just knows. The example he used was fried chicken in a room, and then being taken out. And a person smelling the chicken after it was removed, they knew it had been there even if no one else caught it.

“Faith is an undenyable truth” that is a powerful statement for a writer. If I believe and know I am suposed to be a writer, then that is my undenyable truth. The Good Lord Above put that truth within my being, and He has left it up to me to work and fulfill that truth. As a writer, we know when we don’t write, we feel worse than we do by putting pen to paper, or at least I do. When I know I need to write, if I try to ignore it, I get distracted on other projects and tasks, sleep is hard to get, both falling and staying asleep. And the missing feeling in my life. Blogging seems to help, I try to keep a schedule of posting once a week. If I get to Thursday and I don’t have anything to post, words, thoughts and ideas begin to bubble up in my mind. This week I was busy and Thursday slid by. I believe it was because I needed to hear Mr. Harvey’s thoughts on faith. I have spent the last two days trying to get this post written and I finally felt ready to write.

I do take breaks, I am on a knitting break now, when I am burned out or frazzled, but the words are coming back and I am ready to jump back into the writing life.