A Changing Wind

In sailing speak, a changing wind could be good or bad. Either way those hardy folks had to prepare for whatever was coming. This is a lesson writers could learn from.

When our writing is in danger of hitting the dulldrums, a changing wind can reinspire us and breath new life into our work. I was having a slow spell in my writing and I needed a change of perspective. I started writing a scene further into the story. It was totally unrelated and it gave me more insight to my characters. I don’t know if I will include it in the finished first draft, but I will never consider them wasted words. By allowing myself to skip forward to that scene, I gained a hindsight perspective on the part I had become stuck with. A new path opened up by stepping back and coming from a new angle, a changing wind.

Mr. Hemingway reminds us the first draft of anything is s**t, and Mr. Block says the first draft is just getting the story on paper. So fellow writers, change in the wind. Hold fast cause its goina be a wild ride. Cheers, jamrs