Research and Resources

As writers or as regular folks looking for answers, we are called on to do a certain amount of research. Especially in the days of “fake” news, we need facts without spin and yet everyone has a bias towards something. Even as I write these words, I have a bias in that as a white, middle age (what!! Where did the time go?), female raised in rural Eastern North Carolina. Now I try extremely hard to present infomation without a bias, but I know sometimes it slips through the cracks. I have some very awesome readers in all parts of this incredible world of ours. Thank you!

In the world of Google we have to be careful and look closely as our sources of information. WordPress is awesome by allowing us a way to present our words to the world. However not all blogs are created equal. This point has been driven home tine and time again. I chose to focus on my writing and tidbits of info I have picked up here and there. I also include pen, book and other reviews of things I have tried and enjoyed or found to be useful.

So as a information consumer where can we find relevant current infomation? I normally focus on historical research so most of my resources are encyclopedias, Library of Congress (written several posts about it), the US Archives, etc.

Current events pose a slightly more challegning endeavor. Mostly I read several different news stories for the same story. Some favorites are the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Times-Picante (Lousiana’s main paper), the Raleigh News & Observer, the Guardian (a British paper). If you really want to see a different view of the world, read an international paper about home events.

Hopefully I given you a look at resources for information you haven’t thought about or tied. I would love to hear from about any of your favorite resources current or historical. Cheers, james

Quote of the Day: Peter Prange

So many memories of looking through the encyclopedia. One of my favorite was World Book’s article about daggers. The pictures and information caught and fed my imagination. I’m not sure of the age demographics of my fellow readers but encyclopedias were the analog version of Google before Google and internet exsisted. Encyclopedias still exist in both analog and digital formats. Personally there is a connection you get from holding a physical book and looking for answers.