Rededicating Time to Writing

So I am taking Pooh’s advice one more time and I am rededicating time and effort in my writing. I am taking time to seriously focus on writing, something I haven’t done since college and lots of free time. Or the time I did NaNo and Camp NaNo several years ago.

Once I figure out the order of my day, I should be able to write for two to three hours. Plus building time in for research and learning the craft. The dogs will make sure to keep me in touch with walks and exercise. Pretty sure they will let me know when it is time for lunch breaks.

This week starts my new chapter in life. Here is hoping I am up to the challenge. Cheers, james

We Are Growing!

Dear Friends,

I started this blog over five years ago to help keep me passionate about my writing. I never dreamed that I would find a like mind group of folks to hang out with. We have grown to 254 fellow readers out there. This blog has provided a lifeline when the “Real World” was imploding. I have tried to keep up a variety of content and Quotes of the Day have really seen me through some good and some troubled times.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. If there is anything you would to see us discuss. Drop me a comment and I will do my best. Here is to another 5 years and new friends we haven’t met yet.

Cheers on this sunny August morning, james

Me and the hubby at Chapel of the Park in Gatlinburg TN. Handsome fellow isn’t he.

Compass Rose

North, land of ice and snow

South, ancient tropical forests

East, far and distant lands

West, places beyond horizons

Heed me to one place I unite.

Each one seperate and equally whole.

Together a rose they form. 

Many an adventure and journey have they gone.

Compass rose guide me far away and lead me home.