New Christmas Tradition: Jolabokaflod

The last few years the internet has been stirred up over an Icelandic Christmas tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve and then everybody snuggling in to read. I love this idea and have wanted to make it apart of my own Christmas family traditions. However events normally conspire that we aren’t home on Christmas Eve until late. This year is presenting me with a wonderful opportunity try it out. I am not sure how it would work with ebooks since that is how hubby reads, but worth a shot.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Holidays to everyone. May peace and hope fill your heart and family this year. Cheers, james

Recovering Post NaNo

I have been lazy since Dec. 1, I started typing on my NaNo project. I decided to give my hands a break on writing and finish knitting up a Christmas present. Strangely enough two of my other knitting projects have gone AWOL. At least I found the scarf. But here is to taking a break and getting back to work in the new year.
Cheers, james