Camp NaNo

Happy April 1st, 2021

Welcome to the first day of Camp NaNo. As you can see the NaNo Rhino is hard at work on plotting plot or perhaps plot holes. I applaud you for taking the time and putting in the effort to make your story your own.

Now quit wasting time reading blog posts when you should be settling in to the cabins and getting those words flowing. Best of luck. May your words never flow faster than your pen can write or your fingers type.

Cheers, james

Writing Excuses Podcast

Brandon Sanderson has written several of my favorite books, Alloy of Law, Steelheart, Firefight, and I am currently reading Mistborn. He has being doing a podcast called Writing Excuses, for awhile. I just found it and I am working my way through Season 1. The episodes are about 15-17 minutes long and he talks to two other writers. I think they change based on scrolling thru the later seasons.

After listening to the first two episodes I am in process of developing a new story. Episode 3 was like a punch to the gut, Kill Your Darlings, was about more than just editing. They advised if you have a story that you have poured years of effort into and not finished it. Kill it.

I almost cut the podcast off then and there. After catching my breath and calming my racing heart, I was like no let’s see why they are saying that, after all they have a whole lot more experience than I do. The reason they suggest killing a long term project is distance, well the lack of distance. There is very little chance that you will be able to coldly and mercilessly edit the manuscript. They said you are too emotionally attached to it. They did say instead of throwing it completly out, to set it aside until you have become a better writer and can edit it properly. That makes me feel a little better. At least enough to listen to episode 4. I’ll keep you updated as I listen along.

If you are doing Camp NaNo this summer, I applaude you. And I encourage everybody to keep writing, keep painting, drawing, knitting, sewing etc. Keep being creative and keep moving forward. Cheers, james

Camp NaNo Ho

If you don’t understand, google Thundercats, and I will leave it at that.

Well Camp NaNo is finally here. I applaude all you writers that are taking up the challenge. And I encourage those of you sitting beside me on the bleachers, try it. No I am not being a hypocrite by not jumping into camp this year again.

I have tried both Camp and NaNoWriMo and I literally lose myself and what is going on for the month. This works great if two of your worst months at work aren’t July and November. Local Gov’t is awesome, love my job and I want to keep my job so distractions are out for the time being.

That being said, I do write on the weekends and weekend nights when my brain isn’t fried. In fact one of my last posts was about a new story idea. So Camp NaNo-ers Ho!

May the muse sing sweetly in your dreams, your pen fly fast and furious and word counts speed by until tired but thrilled you close out and validate for the win. Cheers, james

Writer’s Guilt

Once upon a summer ago I took part of Camp NaNoWriMo and I was so focused on my writing I lost track of the “mundane world” ie reality. Camp is here again and I would like to participate and yet part of me says “Are you Crazy?”. I love writing and it fulfills a part of me whether I am writing for work, creative writing or journaling. Even doodling words on paper fulfills that need. Yet I feel guilty when I focus on my writing and let the “mundane world” go. This letting go affects every aspect of my life. It is as if my brain has switched to auto pilot for that part of my life and becomes so wrapped up in writing that the writing becomes my life. 

I have better control when I am journaling and writing for work. Creative writing however controls me, and I feel so guilty that I stop writing. Until I can’t stand it anymore and I turn it loose and then the cycle repeats. Am I crazy? Am I the only one that feels guilty writing and living in my make believe world? 

Thoughts to ponder this warm summer evening. Cheers, james


Dear Readers,

Camp finished up and I am feeling drained. Physically, mentally and creatively empty. I will keep this short and I should be back next week to my regular weekly posting. I applaude all the ones that did camp and I applaude the ones that kept writing anyway regardless.

Cheers, james

Final days of camp

The final days of camp are here. Writer Plus has workes like a champ and I am sitting at 12,500 words. 3,500 words shy of my 16,000 goal. The last week has been fraught with misery trying to figure out what is going on. This has turned into a prequal of sorts to the story I intended to work on. Which is not bad because all I had was a fuzzy thought and things that happen in MEI started in this project. Just goes to show a writer’s brain works differently from the rest of the world. 

Cheers on this Friday evening, james

Camp and the Real World

The first week of camp started off great. It was the first three days of the second week when the Real World came knocking. Two meetings in two days and no time to catch up on my writing. I do have one acomplishment, I broke 10,000 words on Saturday or maybe Sunday night. 🙂 However I lowered my goal from 25,000 words to 16,000 words. 😦 I just don’t think I would ever manage to get it done in time.

And in looking to the brighter side, I have come 10,224 words further than I was June 30th. So ha Real World take that. Cheering for all the ones taking on this challenge and cheering for the ones steadily writing day in and day out. I applaude you all. Cheers and let the ink flow. james

Camp Update

Week 1 is offically over and final word count is 6,200. Yay! A few words shy of where I wanted to be, but I’ll take it. So far camp has been great. Cool cabinmates with really awesome sounding stories. I did a pre-camp virtual write in. Fun but I can’t seem to figure when they are supposed to be. Oh well. Writer Plus is the bomb, wow I sound old or maybe just dated. Anyway now that we have gotten our act together it is a niffty cool little app. 

My story, hmm, what to say about my work in progress. It isn’t exactly my story, but it is the prestory to my story. Its my main chatacter’s parents’ story. Which plays a good portion in M.E.I. so yeah, it needed writing in order for me to unravel the whos, whys, and whatfors. 

I am changing my writing pattern, I write in small chunks through out the day and then at night I will finish my word count goal.This worked extremely well the first four days, but its getting harder and harder to get those few spare moments. And one night I was writing and then I felt my hubby take phone and glasses from me. I had zonked myself out. I gotta rework that passage. 🙂

Anyway this is just a quick update on camp. To everyone doing camp good luck, and to everybody else working on their regular writing, let the ink flow. Cheers, jamrs

Camp and Writer Plus


The first day of camp and my first real test of Writer Plus, and it was awesome. I wrote a few times through out the day. But last night I kicked out a total of 1,117 words yesterday. That is more than my goal of 825 words a day this month. The word counter is awesome and the app is working beautifully. I am still waiting to hear from Eric about updating the app to automatically update to Google Docs. But since figuring out how to avoid deleting my files, the app is good.

Just a short post to get things rolling. Happy Camp NaNoWriMo. Cheers, james

Twas the night before camp

And all through my mind, the words were clamoring for midnight o’ one. Characters danced and begged “please let the writing begin.” Not until the first of July. I would gleeful cry, its almost, almost the day.

Yeah, I wish this was me, but the closer July 1 creeps. The more my thoughts have become negatively introspective. “Oh we can’t possibly write this July, too much going on … ” And since I lost files last week, my inner doubts have cackled and crowed, “see we told you this wasn’t a good month” I keep opening a new document to get down details for my story, get ready to write. And my mind is as blank as a brand new dry erase board. So I close the document and putter around with something else. Hoping that when tomorrow morning roles around I will have something to write down.

Some of you will say she has writers block, and it may well be. Except this old girl has a trick, called random scene writing. Meaning I think about a specific character or place and let my mind wonder and my clever fingers describe what is happening. It works for me, but I have been leery to employ this technique prior to the start of camp. Sometimes I wind up with a brand new project. Oops.

So for all those preparing for NaNoWriMo summer camp, good luck and happy writing. For the ones thinking about joining the madness, come on in. The ink is fine. Cheers, james