Happy Anniversary: 7 years

Seven years ago I started this blog. Today I have readers the world over and almost 300 hundred folks have chosen to come along on this journey. The past seven years have been a wild and wonderful ride. So much has changed since I published my first post.

Thank you to my wonderful readers and friends the world over. The journey is far from over. Here is to another seven years and many more besides. Cheers, james

Misconception: Oops

It has become clear to me over the last few days that most of my wordpress buddies think “james” is a guy.

Lol sorry I am a chick. James is the nickname my grandfathers called me. They have passed on to a much better place. However I can feel them around me so in their memory and honor I write under james.

So please forgive me if you felt I have led you astray. It was never my intent and if you read the Call me james page. I mention it there.

Cheers on this cold yucky night, james