April Wrap Up

I haven’t been around WordPress or blogging very much. I applogize for that and beg your patience. I haven’t totally been slack this month. I have been learning several new skills; bookbinding, diy planners, leatherworking, and wood burning. On top of working the kinks out of using fountain pens.

I have also been thinking about a project that combines bookmaking and writing, currently titled Project Notebook. I’ll write more about that in a future post. So this month, I have been growing quietly and waiting for the moment when those efforts burst into bloom.

Cheers on this hot sultry stormy night, james

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November 30th

Anybody know where November went?

I haven’t written much this month and the last two weeks I haven’t been around WordPress much. I have been researching bookmaking. The beauty of the old handmade books have always drawn me. The beautiful printing, illistrations, the covers, the timelessness of them as books and works of art to be treasured and protected for the future. I am intrigued with the idea of writing my story, then designing and making the book around it. (Glutton for punishment?) I have been reading three books:

· Indie Publishing: How to design and publish your book,
· Basic Bookbinding,
· Bookbinding: The history and technique of bookbinding

Each of them brings something to the table that is different from the others. The first is the technical aspects of fonts, titles, margins, and basic bookmaking techniques. It is also the newest publication having been published in the 1990s. The second is all about making the book, written in the 1950s the information is still relevant today. The third book and the largest at 600 and change pages, is the history of bookmaking from cave paintings thru the 1930s. This book was orginally printed in the 1940s and was issued as two volumes that were later made into one. The second part is a more in depth technical aspect of hand made books. If you are curious of the history of books then this book is an interesting read.

I suppose seeing the old books and wanting to create something as beautiful and worthy of lasting. Of course there is quite a bit of ego in believing anything I could write and make would be cherished throughout time. It seems in today’s world cheaper, faster, temporary is the main goal vs. slower, quality, lasting. However I am quite enthralled with trying my hand at bookmaking, if only for my own journals. So in my distraction the month has slipped away.

Hope you have had a happy November and for all the NaNo-ers congrats, I applaude you and your efforts. Cheers, james