Woodburning or Pyrograpghy

Talking with the hubby, he asked if I had ever tried woodburning. I smiled and said sure, used to take sticks and a lighter and make charcoal to draw with. Sycamore is still the best in my opinion, oak is a close second. Oak is harder to light and get a viable drawing point. He shook his head, not what he was talking about I guess. I had seen the woodburning tools and kinda knew about it. So he pulled up a google seach. Wow! The things those people can do with a wood burning tool.

Since I have gotten interested in book binding, and wood is a very cool cover. I thought mixing the two would be groovy. I saw a blog somewhere using notebook ring and thin wood laminate to make a wood notebook. So we made one up and I have been looking for something to put on the cover.


This is the unoiled cover. Rustically cool, right. My hubby forged out some thin bands to add character. It also provides stabilty where we glued three boards together. The book rings came from the office supply section of a local walmart. I used a 9 ×12 sketch pad for the paper, I foldes the sheets in half. I’ll add the finished notebook later.

Due to the bands it would have to be small whatever I burn onto the spaces. So I have picked up another fun hobby. If you have never looked it. Google or Bing search wood burning and wooden book covers. I hope you are amazed as I am. Cheers, james