App Woes

Update: Finally I figured out what happened to my files. When I cleared my cache, I also cleared some misc file bits. It was the clearing the misc bits that deleted my files. I have emailed the app maker and I hope there is a solution. Until then I know to make sure Not to delete the writer p misc file bits. If you have been following along with app. I do still recomend this app. So now I will go back to getting ready for Camp NaNo with Writer Plus app in my survival writing kit.

Well as I write tonight, I am racking my brains over what happened. Last night I was happily gushing over Writer Plus and preparing for Camp NaNo. This morning my folders and my documents in the app were gone. 😥

I emailed the app maker, Eric was sympathic to my problem. He isn’t sure what happened and the only thing I did was clear my cache on my phone storage. Since everything was suposed to be safe on the sd card, I didn’t think anything of clearing the cache. It is something I routinely do without problems. The Writer Plus files were the only thing effected. I am hoping that Eric will be able to fix the glich or tell me what happened. I still believe in this program and support it. However I will be backing my files up from now on.

Cheers on this sunny Saturday evening, james

Writer Plus App

Update: Just wrote a post in the app and sent it to WordPress. No fuss, no muss, just cool. Too bad it doesn’t come with spell checker. Awesome.

I downloaded this app on Saturday, and I have been very impressed. The format is a simple word processer that is very user friendly. I really like that all my files are stored on my phone’s sd card. Yes, I know, I am one of those people except I’m not. My phone is an acceptable method of writing when pen and paper or my computer is unavailable. However it is not my main writing tool. I found my phone’s standard memo app quite useful for recording thoughts or notes I needed to capture quickly. The loveliness vanished when it came time to get the notes off the phone. My choices were write or email. I chose to email the back up and to write the scene on paper and put it in the notebook.

This was a good practice except all the time lost. I am hoping with the Writer Plus app, I will write in one main document and I have already created a notes page and I have started typing the last four pages I wrote so that I can still work on the story before camp but have a clean starting point.

Best of luck if you are reporting to Camp July 1st too. May the word counts soar and your goals be met and surpassed.

Cheers, james.
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WordPress app

Too cool for school. I don’t think I have mentioned that I downloaded the wordpress app. It is so easy to keep up with blogs I follow and even better posting to my own blog since my phone is my primary blogging tool. Yes, I have a laptop or I could borrow the hubby’s nook, but here on my phone the internet connection is always ready to go. So call me lazy, I am sure lots of folks blog via their phones.

Anyway, I was having some trouble with saving a post and I finally got it unfroze. Unhappily I lost the post but realized there was an update. So I have updated and trying it out again. Hopefully the update will cure the earlier hicupp I had.

Here’s to you on this pleasant first day of October, blog via any and all means at your disposal. Cheers, james