Owl Story Trivia

I have been working on a project called Owl Story for the last 4 or 5 years. I posted about it when I was writing on it pretty regularly. Then I kinda wrote myself into a corner and I left it alone to work on other projects. The other day my mom asked me how it was going and when she would be able to read it. It is one of my stories that really grabbed her interest.

I wrote most of the story by hand on legal pads from the dollar store. (Dollar Tree Rocks!) And I kept all the pages together in one place. However since we have been moving, I don’t know where I put it for safe keeping and I had typed most of it on a thumb drive. There again I don’t know where that is either. So for the moment the story is lost except for the first part.

I recently read over the introduction and its good. It isn’t perfect, but it is a good start. I am thinking maybe I should start over keeping the introduction, but taking it down a different path. That may help me in several ways, either show me how to get out of the corner I wrote myself into or open up a completely different story.

One problem I had was too many main characters. I can see that now looking back on what I remember. I was trying to keep up with ten (10) characters that would be classed as main characters. Ambitious I know and overwhelming trying to keep that many spinning plates. I think I would focus on maybe three and a possible fourth as a wild card character.

Stay tuned for future updates on Owl Story and I might even try for a proper working title. And let this serve as a lesson to you. Just because you have a back up copy of your writtings. It serves no purpose if you can’t find it. Also it means when you move make sure All the writing stuff goes in one safe and Findable location.

Cheers, james

Update: I thought I found it but it was a regular old legal pad with a bunch scribbles. Practice, notes about life in general, and lots of self doubting angst. Too cliche I’ m afraid, but true.

Alternate History

I am working on a story and I am trying get a handle on my background. It seems to be rural moutainous area but “when” is eluding me. I can’t seem to pin down the timeframe. I think I am kind of looking at maybe late 1800s or possibly the 1900-1920. I don’t think it would be any sooner based on the people and their mannerisms, tools, dwellings etc.

I ran into an idea that keeps looking at me: alternate history/timeline. So I have been poking around the web to see what I can find. Interestingly enough I have never read an alternate timeline story (to my knowledge) so I am at a loss on how to know. Normally a writer pulls the story along but this story is dragging me along for the ride. 

Anybody have any thoughts, comments, or ideas to share?