A Tale of Two Weres: Update

While things have been a little crazy around here, I had to put my story on the backburner. It is by no means abandoned and I mull over plot points and characters at seemingly random times. Driving and showering seem to be the most common spots and activities for stuff that really needs to be written down. I don’t believe this is an isolated occurance when there is a company that make waterproof post it notes and shower notepads. Speciffically designed to capture and record those shower brain stormings. As for driving I used to keep a small recorder in my car for those brain storms and never once did I turn it on. All the thoughts and ideas I used to get evaporated like the mist of a cool morning.

One theme that keeps popping up: Am I focusing on the right characters? As much as Glory and Keith are supposed to be my main characters, Gisella and Cody keep stealing the show. And I am just kinda nibbling around the edges at this point. Trying to lock down their voices, who they are, and where they belong in the writing. Caleb and Paula are also in their own way more like the main players than Glory and Keith. Part of me is going: “Be patient, their time is coming.” But I don’t want to be patient, I want to know what is going to happen and how it turns out.

Danny is a perfect example of this. He is the money backing the trips the guys take. Keith comes up with the idea. Then Cody either makes it happen or makes the necessary adjustments to make something similar happen. While Danny sells the idea to his parents to pay for it. I originally wrote Danny off after the camping trip, but now I’m not sure where he fits.

The goal of this project is to keep it light. However it keeps getting serious with moments of lighter overtones. And that’s just in the planning stage. I don’t know where or how it will turn out. But I believe in following the story.

Cheers, james

A Tale of Two Weres: Character Interviews

First page of Gisella’s Interview

This is the first of several pages of my interview with one of my secondary characters. Although I have to say the more time I spend with her, the more I like her. She has a story to tell, I really hadn’t thought of a second book. However it is becoming more and more likely. And I haven’t gotten into my actual story writing yet. Crazy writer walking.

Currently I have two character interviews and the more I write about my MMC, the more I hope something happens and either redeems his flaws or … Yeah I don’t know. We will have to wait and see.

I think I want to do one more interview with another secondary character that has popped up while trying to get a feel for the story. She is Caleb’s assistant, Paula. At first she seemed more his secretary, however I am getting the feeling he views her as an equal, his partner. Hmmm might be some romantic tension in play.

If you are curious about my process for conducting these “interviews”. I sit with my notebook and think of my character and then think of my question. Sometimes random tidbits pop in here and there, like the whole Area 51 thing. Gisella was chatty, while Cody was not. Like with most interviews, some questions are skipped over or completely ignored. Just be patient and open yourself up to your character. You never know what might be on their minds.

Cheers, james

Plot Complications

I seem to have developed a complication already in four pages. A subplot just developed between Gisella, my Female MC’s little sister and the Male MC’s best buddy, Cody. Seems they are romantically plotting together. Hmm didn’t see that coming. This could explain why he was a little more tip lipped in his interview than she was. He didn’t want to say much, and I misunderstood his reticence. Once he was done getting his buddy to back to civilization and then the buddy not remembering anything about the camping trip. That would be the last we saw of him. This is how I originally saw his character play out.

The more I write him, the more I like him and that fact there is already romance in the air. He’ll get to hang out a little longer than I originally thought. He provides the serious to Keith’s manic personality. Whew, wonder how in the world I am going to deal with a manic were-beastie. However I have to rethink the role he has given himself. This might just turn out okay after all. Wonder what else is going to crop up.

There is also the fact my sisters, Glory and Gisella. And then Cody and my maverick government hunter Caleb. I usually try to avoid naming characters with the same first letter. Except these developed naturally. I am hoping there will be enough distinction in the names and the characters so I won’t have to change them.

Cheers, james

Outlining A Tale of Two Weres

Outline for A Tale of Two Weres

The above is a picture of my outline. Already you will notice some changes between zero to 1k words. I started writing my opening scene with my guys talking about the camping trip. One was so focused on spring break and girls, and the other one was trying to reel him in. So there is some work to be done before that can get off the ground.

I am thinking about showing Glory interacting within the tribe or maybe Giessella. Then going for the ill fated run through the forrest. Or possibly a view of Area 51 as the school and maybe checking out Caleb, our gov’t hunter. I am chomping at the bit to write about this guy for some reason.

Look it over and let me know what you think. Cheers, james