Pink Supermoon: April 7, 2020

See here is proof I was thinking and blogging. Although it escapes me why I never hit publish on this post since it was complete.

Last night was the Pink Supermoon. Pink because of the blooming phlox that gives it color. A supermoon because it was the closest to Earth when it rose last night.

My pic is blurry. But cellphone cameras are not designed for taking interstellar pics. Or at least mine isn’t. There was a haze and cloud cover so probably more rain in the near future.

Cheers, james

Strange Times

These are strange times we are currently living in, and that is okay. There have been strange times for each generation before us and there will be strange times after us. A lot of people are laid off right now and worried about where the next paycheck is coming from. Hugs, my friends, help is on the way, I hope. Either government aid, warm weather or the virus losing its hold, or maybe a mix of all. Some are working from home, bless you, my children (dogs) are driving me nuts and I am still going to work. And some are hard at work, my trucking and marine shipping friends, the healthcare workers, the folks working to keep our world functioning. I salute you and applaud your efforts.

Eastern North Carolina has been fairly lucky, we have a few cases. Being in a less populous rural area, it is less of an issue than the metro areas of Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham and the Triad area. My thoughts and prayers and speedy recoveries to the families suffering.

A friend of mine posted about the importance of keeping a journal, a blog, or a way to remember this moment of strange times. I keep both a journal and this blog, I mention it fairly frequently. But if you don’t normally keep a journal or a blog, perhaps you might consider it. Records are left behind from every civilization. Historians worry our electronic records won’t leave a trace for future historians. That we need written records, journals, photo journals, art journals, stories, notebooks, etc. more than ever.

When was the last time you wrote an actual letter with a pen and piece of paper?

Personally I think generations from now will be seeing 4 or 5 times great grandparents photos or videos. Things pretty much live on the internet, but what if they are right?

Wouldn’t you love to leave a legacy behind for your future generations to know how it was during your strange times?

Cheers and be safe my friends, james


6 Years Blogging

WordPress just notified me that today is my six year anniversary of setting up this blog. Wow. Times flies when you aren’t looking. Things have changed and things have stayed the same. And through it all I am still writing. Still trying to get the magical words “The End“.

Thank you dear readers for sticking with me along this journey. Cheers, james

New Christmas Tradition: Jolabokaflod

The last few years the internet has been stirred up over an Icelandic Christmas tradition of giving books on Christmas Eve and then everybody snuggling in to read. I love this idea and have wanted to make it apart of my own Christmas family traditions. However events normally conspire that we aren’t home on Christmas Eve until late. This year is presenting me with a wonderful opportunity try it out. I am not sure how it would work with ebooks since that is how hubby reads, but worth a shot.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Holidays to everyone. May peace and hope fill your heart and family this year. Cheers, james

New Journal

I recently finished my journal that came with my cover. So excitedly I went new journal hunting. I found out that the refills I used to use in my old journal cover will fit the new cover. They are produced for Barnes & Noble in Italy and come in the 6×8 size.

The pages are a smooth cream color and resist fountain pen ink bleed through admirally. The lines are the right distance apart, neither too wide or too narrow. That was one complaint I had about the notebook received with my cover. The line widths were huge, in my humble opinon. And I have lots more pages for writing. My previous notebook was 200 pages. This monster is, I believe, 240 pages with a ribbon page marker. Which makes the cover look stuffed, but that is okay, leather is forgiving and will adjust. (I hope)

Owl’s Fancy: Storm

Gobby hanging out at the dinette.

Tonight is Sunday, October 13th and we are having a thunderstorm. Ordinaraily that wouldn’t be anything to write about other than the joy I get from watching and writing during storms. Miss having a front porch to sit and watch from. (A post for another time)

This is the beginning of our third week living a camper lifestyle. And this is the first storm we have had since we bought Owl’s Fancy, much less moved in. I have checked and I don’t see any water seeping in from outside. Yay! The sound of the rain, wind and thunder are magnified. But comforting.

I am hoping Hurricane Season is over and done for us. I don’t think I have enough zen calm to weather a hurricane in an untied down camper. Of course the weather and emergency folks will tell you to seek shelter in a permanent shelter. But luckily enough this isn’t one of those.

Our landlady/campground host had a tree removed from behind us because it was in bad shape. Tonight I am glad we aren’t worrying about it. The tree was hollow in the base and filled with the big black ants the size of your thumb knuckle. (Yucky hate those things)

Thunder is rumbling. Rain has softened. Dogs have been acting clingy all afternoon. They have been sensing the changes in the atmosphere. Gobby is currently hugging my husband. He is more panicky than Roxie. She is curled up in the blankets snoozing. He is having a panic attack, poor baby. He has never been that good with storms.

Well I think I have spent enough time writing this that the storm has passed over. Cheers, james

A Page, A New Chapter

Meet Owl’s Fancy, our new home. A 27 foot 2007 Dutchmen camper.

Pretty soon, I will be moving from our house into a travel camper with my husband and two dogs. (Cue manical laughter) Seriously though, we are doing this to get a better grasp of what we want to and where we want to do it. We will be moving into a small campground that has full rv hookups available. Yay! No having to figure out the whole dumping tanks thing, at least not yet.

The campground is about 15 miles from our current location in Kenansville, North Carolina, about 45 miles from Wilmington. My husband says we live in a geographical anomalie because we are literally an hour from any decent sized city. Draw a triangle between Jacksonville, Goldsboro and Fayetteville, then stick your finger smack dab in the middle and you should be about on Kenansville. Duplin County at the very least. Pretty weird right.

We are keeping our day jobs and by cutting down on our expenses. We will hopefully grow a future allowing for our dreams. That is the plan at least, you are perhaps familar with the whole men and mice thing per Mr. Robert Burns. I cheated, I just looked it up. He actually used schemes instead of plans. In this situation, schemes may be the better choice. Ah well I will let you know how things go once we get started.

Cheers, james

P.S. if you have any advice, tips or quotes share them in the comments.

Gogol on Amazon Prime

I subscribe to Amazon Prime and love some of the series. Bosch and Titus Welliver have stolen my heart. Although I have been a fan of Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch since my early teens. Boy that was a fun conversation with my mom. Just a good clean murder mystery. I don’t think she ever read one of the Bosch books. Oh well, I digress.

This weekend I was browsing along and one of my recomended programs was called Gogol. It is a Russian series with english subtitles. I just finished episode one of season one. It is a new series released this year. At first glance Gogol is a murder mystery set in Russian in the 1850s. However it draws you as a mix of Sleepy Hollow meets Sherlock Holmes. Wow!

We have a gifted legenday dective taking on a “bumbling” clerk, Gogol. All is not what it appears and Gogol acts as Guro’s new clerk for a new strange case. That approtiately enough takes place in the middle of nowhere easy to get to.

Cue meancing music, creepy landowners, and everybody in the village is suspious of the newcomers. A bevy of murdered girls and the game is afoot as Holmes would say.

If you like creepy well plotted series this is one to try. Let me know if you watch it and what you think. Cheers, james

We Are Growing!

Dear Friends,

I started this blog over five years ago to help keep me passionate about my writing. I never dreamed that I would find a like mind group of folks to hang out with. We have grown to 254 fellow readers out there. This blog has provided a lifeline when the “Real World” was imploding. I have tried to keep up a variety of content and Quotes of the Day have really seen me through some good and some troubled times.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. If there is anything you would to see us discuss. Drop me a comment and I will do my best. Here is to another 5 years and new friends we haven’t met yet.

Cheers on this sunny August morning, james

Me and the hubby at Chapel of the Park in Gatlinburg TN. Handsome fellow isn’t he.