Song lyrics take us to specific moments in time, either when we first heard it or when we truely felt them. For instance, “Dancing in the dark, middle of the night …” is a song from my teenage years. I never paid it any attention until I heard as an adult in love. Now it randomly pops into my head when I think of my hubby. I know sappy.

Another song, Next to You by Shennodah takes me back to being a little kid riding beside my dad as he sang along. The memory makes me smile, and a little sad at the same time. Jimmy Buffett’s Fruitcakes album reminds of a family vacation we took to Key West, that was our trip sound track.

Memories can uplift us, or they can haunt us. Sometimes I wonder if the “ghosts” people sense are just haunted memories that the person couldn’t or wouldn’t let go. Idiot moments from my past haunt me. While other memories of the people I love, bring me to tears and uplift me. Moments that can be relived over and over again when we need the metaphysical hug of one who has moved on.

Dreams can invoke memories or use them as a springboard into our subconscious mind. A way to understand and process those feelings we otherwise would retreat from. Journalling also allows us a safe way to work through those emotions, memories and feelings that leave us naked and raw feeling. My writing is a blend of dreams, journaling and using the raw emotion to infuse my words. Sometimes I get it right, other times not so much.

As writers, we use raw emotions, thoughts, and what if to make our readers feel a certain way.