Artist Date: S’mores and Grilling

So I have debated all week about my date. Thursday while doing my morning pages, it hit me. A fire and roasting marshmallows. Watching flames is always so relaxing to me and peaceful. So I decided to set it up for Friday night after Shawn gets home from work. Grilling usually takes about 2 hours between getting the fire right and cooking. So it will be just about perfect.

Except a girl can’t grill if she can’t get the stupid charcoal to light. So yep, Artist Date Take 1: Fail. Now to concoct Artist Date Take 2. I am not feeling so good about this date with myself. If I have subconsciously already sabotaged my first attempt. Especially when grilling is a normal activity for me. Heck you can wander the posts of this blog for multiple fire and or grilling posts. Okay back to the drawing board and hope I come up with something.

Artist Date Take 2. I’ll fill you in next week on what I came up with.

Cheers, james

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