Why Do We Journal?

I just saw a Facebook post by Soho Spark Journals. (Linked to it here) About why we choose a physical dialog method over a tech method.

I responded that it is a journey. You begin with an empty blank page and then you fill that page in with ink. In the filling you see there is a life that has been lived within that space. A journal is a time capsule that captures snippets of time. If you look at the journals of a single person, you will see how they lived, how they grew, how they changed to become the person in the last journal. Frankenstein is written in journal format. Mary Shelby knew the impact of seeing the changes over the course of the book would affect her audience.

A few years ago in one of my journaling groups, a lady posted a picture of a journal written by a guardsmen from the 1600s. I couldn’t read the language, I believe it was German or Austrian. I don’t know what a guardsman from the 1600s wrote about. What is important to me is that he wrote and that his journal survived to 2019. 400 years his words have survived. Let that sink in 400 years. The US wasn’t born yet and wouldn’t be for another 176 years. I would say that for someone who could read it, that journal would have been a time machine. The tech hasn’t been invented yet (I apologize in advance if I am wrong) that can last even a fraction of that time. So pen and paper are my go to journaling tools.

Okay enough ranting, I am hopping down from my soapbox. Moral of the story is journaling matters, regardless of form. However a physical book and a pen will connect you to the page. The page will connect you to the past, present and future and any reader of your journal.

Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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