My Le Vent journal and Peter Paupier Press Dragon pin with my green Wing Sung 3008 fine nib fountain pen.

I am still journaling even if I haven’t been writing much lately. I am excited by this particular journal cover by Le Vent. I found it on Amazon and the dragon pin came from Barnes and Noble. The cover is leather and well made. I am almost finished with the journal that came with it. It is a standard A5 7×5 so refills should be affordable. Le Vent has refills available at 100 pages, lined and unlined. However I like a thicker book and would rather have 200 pages at least.

If you journal, show them off. If you are looking at starting a journal it is not the tools but the heart put into them that makes them worthwhile.

Journaling Tips

-Good paper, loose leaf, or bound. Just have a way to keep your entries together.

-Good pen. I love using a fountain pen because I have less cramping issues. I have journaled with sort of object imaginable. From burnt sticks to fountain pens.

-Set aside a few minutes to put down your thoughts. I prefer to journal at night before bed to get the junk of the day off my chest. I am not a morning person, so might be some bias.

-Make your journal a haven. I hate using “safe space” but be secure in whatever you put in your journal is for you and you only. Now I am not suggesting writing how you think your boss is a flamin cat turd and then leaving it where the boss can read it. But when I lived at home I tucked my journal in the corner of my mattress. When I moved out on my own it lived on my nightstand. Now that I am married it hangs out where ever I happen to be. The back of the couch, the nightstand, the headboard etc. I have no problem with my husband reading my journal but he also knows that its my ranting spot. Reader beware. If it makes you feel better put a book curse or warning on it. (Google Victorian Book curses, you won’t be sorry)

-Enjoy the process. I am a stationary/pen whore and my hubby knows and accepts this. Days I am down or in a bad mood he takes me to Staples, and bookstores. (I know I got a keeper) Do you, if decorating the cover and pages makes you happy go for it. Just black felt tip sharpie is what you crave. By all means.

Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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