Plot Complications

I seem to have developed a complication already in four pages. A subplot just developed between Gisella, my Female MC’s little sister and the Male MC’s best buddy, Cody. Seems they are romantically plotting together. Hmm didn’t see that coming. This could explain why he was a little more tip lipped in his interview than she was. He didn’t want to say much, and I misunderstood his reticence. Once he was done getting his buddy to back to civilization and then the buddy not remembering anything about the camping trip. That would be the last we saw of him. This is how I originally saw his character play out.

The more I write him, the more I like him and that fact there is already romance in the air. He’ll get to hang out a little longer than I originally thought. He provides the serious to Keith’s manic personality. Whew, wonder how in the world I am going to deal with a manic were-beastie. However I have to rethink the role he has given himself. This might just turn out okay after all. Wonder what else is going to crop up.

There is also the fact my sisters, Glory and Gisella. And then Cody and my maverick government hunter Caleb. I usually try to avoid naming characters with the same first letter. Except these developed naturally. I am hoping there will be enough distinction in the names and the characters so I won’t have to change them.

Cheers, james

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