Writing through the Pain

Poll time: Do you believe Writer’s Block is real?

Some folks believe wholeheartedly that Writer’s Block is real. And there are about the same amount of folks that say nope Writer’s Block is an excuse to not write. So my humble opinion is both sides are right. There are days when I struggle to get the words out and there are days the words just flow. However the days I struggle to write are the same days I struggle to do anything. So my working theory is maybe Writer’s Block is not the problem but a symptom of the bigger problem.

The “Real World” influences everything in our daily life. Work, culture, family, the hopes and desires that fuel our writing and also our fears and nightmares all contribute to making up the individual. Anxiety and depression can flavor and distort our writing just as excitement can send us down a thousand rabbit holes. Writing is an outlet we use to process and reimagine our thoughts, emotions and let the what ifs fly. So my theory that when we are not in sync with ourselves the words may not come.

As I type these words I am struggling. I feel out of sync and unable to properly capture the vision of this post. I was pretty sure about how I wanted to address this and yet it is anything but clear. However this is a great example of writing thru the pain and fustration of being out of sync or what have you with yourself and with your life.

Just remember you are worthy and you are unique. Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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