A New Notebook and a new pen

I have been watching all the excitement over the disc bound notebooks and I finally took the plunge and bought one. I got a Staple Arc 8.5 x 11 page size. So it is a hoss, especially after I up sized the binder discs to hold more pages. I have stayed with the Staples paper so far and my only complaint is the lines are narrow. *Footnote: I have gotten so used to writing on unlined paper and I tend to write larger when I use cursive. So it maybe a matter of me getting used to confined spaces again.*

Otherwise the paper handles my fountain pens easily and the ink doesn’t bleed through. I have only been using my extra fine nibs due to the line spaces. So grain of salt an all that. Fingers crossed I am going to try using my medium nib Hero 359, which writes wet. I will let you know how it goes.

I am pleased with the construction of the covers and discs. I am a little skeptical of how well the pages will stay, but so far I haven’t had any trouble. The discs are 1.5 inches and should hold 200 sheets or 400 pages. So I have plenty of space to add paper. I think I have 100 sheets currently in it.

One thing I don’t care for is how floppy this notebook is. However upon reflection I think it has to do with the disc size and the number of pages in it. I think if I had some dividers or a envelope it would be stiffer. I may decide to go back to the original disc size that came with it. It seemed to have been less floppy moving around.

Price wise it is more expensive than a regular notebook or 3 ring binder. The pages there are several options. Purchase the specialty paper with the holes already in it, Staples Arc, Levenger and others. Or purchase a special hole punch to make your own inserts. I have not invested in a hole punch because I wanted to try it first. There are at least 2 punches I have found online. One is the staples brand at a whomping $50+ and the the Levenger is around $20. There may be others but those are the two I’ve looked at so far.

Cheers, james

3 thoughts on “A New Notebook and a new pen

  1. Hi James, how are you? I’m not sure I know of the notebook you are talking about. I don’t shop much. I really should get out more.


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