Pen and Ink Review

I finally got a bright green Hero fountain pen. I have been searching for a nice bright green pen since I started using fountain pens. And you can’t have an awesome green pen without a suitably awesome green ink.

So without further ado.

This is my medium nib Hero 359 in bright green inked with Diamine Golden Oasis. Oasis is a bright green ink with gold sparkles in it.

Now I had a lot of trouble finding the right pen for this ink. The sparkles or glitter causes the feed to clog and then the pen has hard starts and other problems. I tried it on the extra fine Hero 359a, the Pen Revolution Darjerling in a medium nib and my Hero 901 in medium. All of other pens wrote fine at first until the feed became swamped with the sparkles. Not only did it start writing crappy, it was a bear to clean the ink out the pens.

I have gone through a full converter of the Golden Oasis in the 359. When I cleaned it I didn’t have any problems. Although I did notice a slight sparkle in the Diamine Bilberry for the first couple of lines.

So the moral is try Golden Oasis if green ink and gold sparkle is your kinda thing, go for it. Just make sure you try it in several different pens if you have problems.

Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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