Curses and curses

Since I started writing on a new idea of a cursed man that the world has forgotten. How do you break a curse by having someone remember you? When writes things down about himself or the curse, the age is earased. I know very cool special effect.

Currently my thought is to get images through dreams to my heroine. However she is currently a child determined to right a wrong from one of her grandmother’s bedtime stories. Now the question becomes is she my heroine or is she supporting character?

I am creeped out by the imagery of a man spying on a child or communicating with a child until she is grown. In this day and time so much bad stuff has come out about abuse and sexual predation that I am not willing to cross that line. So …

First major conflict, need the open mind and innocence of a child in an adult. I briefly considered using the grandmother except how do betray that trust by snatching her away from her grandchild. It is an interesting tangle I have set for myself. Besides isn’t that what writing is about testing boundaries and discovering things about yourself?

Hopefully I have given you something to ponder in your own writing or reading. Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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