Snow Days

Eastern North Carolina got the first snowfall of the winter. Kinda hoping the only snowfall of this winter. Normal winters usually see temps in the 40s maybe the 30s but not in the teens and single digits. This week saw both single digits and a negative windchill. I heard someone say it hasn’t been this cold in over 50 years.

So on  Wednesday afternoon, we received sleet and then it turned into snow. And snowed through the night until Thursday morning was a frosty, glittering winter wonder. My car was enveloped in snow a good 3 to 4 inches thick. I haven’t had to dig a car out of snow since college in Boone. Needless to say I called my boss to explain I was going to be late. Instead she said “stay home, we are having a snow day. We’ll try again tomorrow.” 

A snow day, a free say to goof off and play in the snow, to snooze and do as I please. Yay! I took the dogs out. One was disgusted it was cold and the ground was covered. She has seen snow before and didn’t like when she was a puppy. As an 8 year old grouchy adult, she really doesn’t like it. On the other hand, the 1.5 year old was amazed and had a ball. This is his first time seeing snow. If I could have turned him loose to play I would have. He hasn’t learned to stay in the yard. He wants to travel all over town and that is bad. 

So Thursday came and went in a happy daze of napping, playing, knitting and writting. I finally picked up the reins on this blog since November. (That is another story) I retouched with old blogging friends and made some new ones. Friday morning saw no real improvement to the road and my boss declared us closed on Friday too. So an unexpected treat in the form of snow days for some much needed time off and a reminder to stay in touch with my inner child.

So dear readers and friends, did you have a snow day? Cheers, james

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