I have been spending more and less time with my journals lately. My commonplace/everything journal is almost empty. I get an idea and it doesn’t seem to make it into my journal. On the other hand my personal journal is getting more attention. Dreams, thoughts and life take up its creamy pages. 

On the other hand my blogging ideas seem to have dried up. I have started at least four posts over the last six months and abandoned them. I have been battling Stress for the last few months and it has taken a toll on this blog, my writing and me. Putting these words down, I can feel something shift inside my head. Maybe I can finally pull myself from this hole and get back into regular schedule and writing. 

Cheers, james

5 thoughts on “Journaling 

  1. Same. I’m just not sure what to blog about, and mostly of my posts lately have been more about recipes and baking than anything else. I want to write more about writing but I don’t have any ideas.

  2. I sympathise. I love spiral bound A5 notebooks and buy them by the dozen. I label them, say one for poems, one for planning a workshop, one for a book I’m writing. Within days each one holds a jumble of content because I just grab the nearest notebook. Which works, on the whole. Good luck.

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