Moth and Spark

Update: I am really starting to enjoy this story. The author has a light touch although some of her elements can be out of place. She reference a unseen color changing light effect in a mideval time frame. What? Where did the led mood light come from? Anyway the details and story move along once I got past a slow start. This was more to do with putting the players in place and not losing the reader. Cheers, james

I picked this book up the other day at the local dollar store. I started reading while home sick, while I realize isn’t the best time to read high fantasy. It had been calling to be read.

I read a review from The Caffinated Reader and I poked around the author’s website. I admit I never write about a book before reading it, but there is something about this book. I want to like it. Maybe it is the story blurb on the inside cover or perhaps the teaser on the back cover. 

So more on this book and author once I read it. Cheers, james

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