Hero 901: Pen Review

My brand new Hero 901 fountain pen arrived today. I found it on ebay and it shipped from China. The pen body is made of metal. It is heavy but not unweildly so. The nib seems to be a narrower tip than my other pens. I also have two Hero 221, which are nice writers too. 

However the weight of the pen seems perfectly balanced and the slightest motion lays down a smooth line of ink. I was amazed how it glides across the paper. The color of the ink really shows up well compared to the 221. 

All in all for a $3.00 pen that took about a month to receive it is amazing. I read a few reviews that didn’t think very highly of this pen, but I love it. A sleek black and gold finish with a screw fill and it will take cartridges too. A fine beginner or collector pen.

Cheers, james

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