Bullet Journaling: Update


The aforementioned website is where I got my start with bullet journaling. I saw a post on the Innovative Journaling’s facebook group. Very cool group dedicated to journaling, writing and fountain pens, all brought together by IJ founder Arthur Scharf. I posted on my start last week. 

I have been doing this for a week now. Some things I like, some I’m not really sure of, and some are my own personalizations. On the website it says try it for a month. And I seem to feel like things are getting done. Still learning and the Index makes lots of sense, its just getting used to a different way of thinking and working.
Do you bullet journal, or use another manner of keeping up with day to day life? Feel free to share.

Cheers on this stormy evening, james

4 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling: Update

  1. I just started today! A friend came up to visit and showed my partner and I how to set them up. I’m hoping it will help me keep up with life outside of work and generally be more organized.

      1. I’m not letting myself do work things because I have such a bad habit of being a workaholic. This is my way of reminding myself about my other priorities and how important/cool they are. 😊 It’s going well so far.

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