Camp and the Real World

The first week of camp started off great. It was the first three days of the second week when the Real World came knocking. Two meetings in two days and no time to catch up on my writing. I do have one acomplishment, I broke 10,000 words on Saturday or maybe Sunday night. 🙂 However I lowered my goal from 25,000 words to 16,000 words. 😦 I just don’t think I would ever manage to get it done in time.

And in looking to the brighter side, I have come 10,224 words further than I was June 30th. So ha Real World take that. Cheering for all the ones taking on this challenge and cheering for the ones steadily writing day in and day out. I applaude you all. Cheers and let the ink flow. james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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