Camp Update

Week 1 is offically over and final word count is 6,200. Yay! A few words shy of where I wanted to be, but I’ll take it. So far camp has been great. Cool cabinmates with really awesome sounding stories. I did a pre-camp virtual write in. Fun but I can’t seem to figure when they are supposed to be. Oh well. Writer Plus is the bomb, wow I sound old or maybe just dated. Anyway now that we have gotten our act together it is a niffty cool little app. 

My story, hmm, what to say about my work in progress. It isn’t exactly my story, but it is the prestory to my story. Its my main chatacter’s parents’ story. Which plays a good portion in M.E.I. so yeah, it needed writing in order for me to unravel the whos, whys, and whatfors. 

I am changing my writing pattern, I write in small chunks through out the day and then at night I will finish my word count goal.This worked extremely well the first four days, but its getting harder and harder to get those few spare moments. And one night I was writing and then I felt my hubby take phone and glasses from me. I had zonked myself out. I gotta rework that passage. 🙂

Anyway this is just a quick update on camp. To everyone doing camp good luck, and to everybody else working on their regular writing, let the ink flow. Cheers, jamrs

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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