Camp and Writer Plus


The first day of camp and my first real test of Writer Plus, and it was awesome. I wrote a few times through out the day. But last night I kicked out a total of 1,117 words yesterday. That is more than my goal of 825 words a day this month. The word counter is awesome and the app is working beautifully. I am still waiting to hear from Eric about updating the app to automatically update to Google Docs. But since figuring out how to avoid deleting my files, the app is good.

Just a short post to get things rolling. Happy Camp NaNoWriMo. Cheers, james

2 thoughts on “Camp and Writer Plus

    1. I am working on my NaNo project from last year. An adventure story mixed with a nod at the old Conan stories. I have blogged about it. Thanks for commenting and good luck with your writing.

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