Twas the night before camp

And all through my mind, the words were clamoring for midnight o’ one. Characters danced and begged “please let the writing begin.” Not until the first of July. I would gleeful cry, its almost, almost the day.

Yeah, I wish this was me, but the closer July 1 creeps. The more my thoughts have become negatively introspective. “Oh we can’t possibly write this July, too much going on … ” And since I lost files last week, my inner doubts have cackled and crowed, “see we told you this wasn’t a good month” I keep opening a new document to get down details for my story, get ready to write. And my mind is as blank as a brand new dry erase board. So I close the document and putter around with something else. Hoping that when tomorrow morning roles around I will have something to write down.

Some of you will say she has writers block, and it may well be. Except this old girl has a trick, called random scene writing. Meaning I think about a specific character or place and let my mind wonder and my clever fingers describe what is happening. It works for me, but I have been leery to employ this technique prior to the start of camp. Sometimes I wind up with a brand new project. Oops.

So for all those preparing for NaNoWriMo summer camp, good luck and happy writing. For the ones thinking about joining the madness, come on in. The ink is fine. Cheers, james

4 thoughts on “Twas the night before camp

    1. Write from home. You sign up and are assigned a “cabin” with about ten other folks and you can chat with them. It has been a great experience. I really like that you can set your own goal of words, time, pages.

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