App Woes

Update: Finally I figured out what happened to my files. When I cleared my cache, I also cleared some misc file bits. It was the clearing the misc bits that deleted my files. I have emailed the app maker and I hope there is a solution. Until then I know to make sure Not to delete the writer p misc file bits. If you have been following along with app. I do still recomend this app. So now I will go back to getting ready for Camp NaNo with Writer Plus app in my survival writing kit.

Well as I write tonight, I am racking my brains over what happened. Last night I was happily gushing over Writer Plus and preparing for Camp NaNo. This morning my folders and my documents in the app were gone. 😥

I emailed the app maker, Eric was sympathic to my problem. He isn’t sure what happened and the only thing I did was clear my cache on my phone storage. Since everything was suposed to be safe on the sd card, I didn’t think anything of clearing the cache. It is something I routinely do without problems. The Writer Plus files were the only thing effected. I am hoping that Eric will be able to fix the glich or tell me what happened. I still believe in this program and support it. However I will be backing my files up from now on.

Cheers on this sunny Saturday evening, james

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