Camp NaNo


I never liked summer camp as a kid. So why would I want to get involved in a virtual summer camp? No bugs! LoL!

November was my first attempt at NaNo and while I didn’t make the count. I did write every day through the month. Afterwards I lost my momentum and haven’t spent as much time writing. I am hoping by setting a lower word goal I will be more motivated to suceed.

I wrote about all my writing projects in my previous post. So it is tempting to say let’s work on all of them. I am furtherest in my
writing on Owl Story and MEI. I was torn between these two stories. However MEI seems to be a project well suited to this type of high intensity writing. It has a slightly futurestic setting with a few significant changes. Most of my research is in the manuscript and book making aspects, rather than world building. I have also dug around into Robert E. Howard’s writing career and life as well as the Conan stories. Since it is his chronicles that she is comissioned to make. I am more focused on the story and not on the world the story takes place.

In Owl Story, I am still world building as I write. So my mind is split on the story as well as figuring out the rules of world as well as building it. Time consuming and richly rewarding, but not a fast and furious type of project. I would rather spend the time and effort to lay a solid foundation down. I get the feeling this will be a long if not a multibook project.

A really cool thing I stumbled on the NaNo forum is a Tea Swap. As I understand it, you send three to five teas including enough for at least five cups of each to your swap buddy. All teas must be mailed out by July 7th. So I signed up for one swap buddy. Also there are Tea Angels, folks that mail tea out to folks that didn’t get anything. The whole thing sounds awesomely fun.

So signed up for camp, camp project picked, tea swap signed up for. Cabin assignments go out in a week or so and then tea assignments come after June 30th. Fun plans for this summer.

Cheers on this peaceful Sunday afternoon, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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