Dollar Tree Treasures

The local Dollar Tree had a slew of cookbooks tonight. Like good cookbooks, Indian, Australian, French country, Greek, barbaque, cake decorating, hor d’overs and lots more. I have written on the delights of purchasing my office supplies at Dollar Tree before. However there are all sorts of fun treasures to be had.

Some of my favorites are of course the pen selection, I have also discovered they sell good quality sketch pads in 9 × 12. So for a small investment I have the pages for a handmade notebook. And since there are 40 sheets and I am folding in half or quarter sheet I can get one big book or several smaller ones. The paper is smooth and fountain pens and regular pens too glide over it. There are the yellow legal pads I favor too, since the ink rarely bleeds through. I have mentioned them previously.

The coffee cups are fun to browse through, I have a fondness for a squared body mug that fits my hand and they keep a good supply in stock. They have different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. A new mug can lift one’s spirits and they always have a great selection of candy and snacks to tempt even the most diet conscience.

Fuzzy socks, greeting cards, books, and sometimes they have music. A one stop shop for a brick-a-brack-holic. So the next time you pass by a dollar store take a gander through and see what fun treasures you can find. (No I did not get paid for singing Dollar Tree’s praises)

Cheers on this stormy Thursday evening, james

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