What would You burn first?

In the movie The Day After Tomorrow the main character takes shelter in the New York City Library. To stay warm they light up the old fireplaces. They burn books. Two characters are arguing about not burning the classics. When a third says, “why not burn all the tax code books first?” It was a duh moment for the other two.

So my question to you is: Which books would you burn if you had to stay warm in a library? I am not cruel enough to ask you to chose in your personal collection.

I think my first choice would any gossip magazines, Cosmo, Red Book etc. Then I would move on to any authors that I think stink. I won’t name any names. And tax laws are too numerous to not use to stay warm.

Cheers, james

3 thoughts on “What would You burn first?

  1. Definitely the tax code stuff. Then magazine fluff. then non-fiction which won’t be relevant later (like medical works. Doctors of the future will need those.). The point about copies is also good.

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