Innovative Journaling


This is a product review for the Innovative Journaling’s Primer journal. Company owner Arthur Scharf gives new customers an opportunity to try the Primer journal for free all you do is pay shipping. The Primer is a tiny passport sized journal that is refillable and customizable, Mr. Scharf tells you the reason for the size is you are more likely to write in the notebook you have with you. This journal is perfectly sized for men and women, it fits in a pocket or purse.  All of his products are handmade from quality materials the world over and assembled in Santa Fe New Mexico.


I found Innovative Journaling website while searching for a refillable leather journal. I toured the website, and filled out the contact info form and got my free journal. I placed my order on Feb. 13 and I received my journal on Feb. 18. I did order a pack of refills, which comes with three refills. The journal came with one book and will hold two books. You had a choice of paper and if you wanted anything on it. There is a cigar, hunting, scotch, and some others. I chose blank paper and it is a nice high quality paper. The paper comes from France and there are two other paper types for fountain pens.  There are also personalizations that can be made to the journal.

I hope you will check out Innovative Journaling and Arthur Scharf’s products. He also has a life time guarantee even if you dog happens to use it for a chew bone. This last picture shows it beside a cd case to give you a sense of scale.


Cheers, james

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