Setting a rhythm

I am bouncing between three of my WIPs (work in progress), but the rhythm in each is different. And I had the really fun day where one character voice jumped stories. I didn’t catch on until I was skimming back over trying to figure why it felt off then going huh that sounds funny. And realizing my southern pyschic from my NaNo project was trying to be the healer in my fantasy/alternate history project. Although I learned they play very similar roles in their respective stories. They are very different folks.

So are you having trouble with your writing rhythm and how do you fix it? Cheers on a chilly Friday night, james

4 thoughts on “Setting a rhythm

  1. I was working on Nano and another project at the same time. My mc from the other project doesn’t use contractions so that kind of bleed over into my Nano, the entire book not just one character. I’m fixing it now.

    Just goes to show t I only wrote during Nano. No editing done here. 😕

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