Saving Emilsa Update

Saving Emilsa is a niffty story that started life as a dream. After I woke up I grabbed hold of what I remembered and wrote it down. While I was writing the last of dream the story took over and I could see, hear them talking. It was powerful, it was a heady intoxicating feeling. Me and the Universe were in sync. After that session of writing I tried going back to the beginning of the story. But I never could get that feeling back.

In defense of my next action, I was working on Owl and that story was pulling me deeper and deeper in. So I put Saving Emilsa up, not to be forgotten. But to let the story marinate and simmer while I worked on other things. A year and change went by and then last week I picked it up. And it was good, rough in places, but solid bones to build upon. So slowly I have been reaquainting myself with both story and searching for the rest of my notes that got seperated from the story.

So that is what I have been working on mainly this week. Cheers, james.

2 thoughts on “Saving Emilsa Update

  1. Stories that start out as dreams are the best. I have some weird, elaborate dreams sometimes. Whenever I have one I actually remember I try to write it down the next day… The last time that happened it was about a marine biology student finding a colony of merpeople.

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