New knife making blog

Aha finally his first post. This is the hubby’s blog. Check him out and welcome him as you have welcomed me. Cheers


Welcome to my blog. My name is Shawn and I am a learning to make knives. My wife also talked me into starting this blog. She thinks for some reason you good folks are interested in my efforts. I will be trying to post about my projects, tools, and any neat things I learn during this process.

Currently I have made and finished three knives. I will post pictures once I figure out how to. Two of my knives have been basic good multipurpose tools. The third is super cool. It is an Alaskan ulu. It is a crecent shaped blade that is wicked useful for chopping, slicing and skinning. There are some neat YouTube videos on the way to use these knives.

I rough cut the semicircle shape out of an old circular saw blade, thank you eBay, that was good steel. And then using a dremel tool, files…

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