Truth vs. Fiction

An article on the internet yesterday caught my eye. J.K. Rowelings said Voldermort was less evil than Republican presidental canidate Donald Trump. Huh? Hold the phone folks. It has been a few years since I left Potterverse but huh?

I actual kinda thought old Voldymoldy might get along with old Trumpetmouth. They bought both want absolute power.

– Control of the wizarding world
– Control of “The Button”. Check
– Destroy all muggles, and non-   supporters.
– Destroy any non-americans and non-supporters. Double check
– Attack using any and every weapon at his disposal, regardless of the cost. Check

See where this is going. I don’t think Ms. Rowelings can really say one is worse than the other with the grateful exception of one being a fictional villian and well one is a living person. It sounds to me that they could have come from the same mold. Doesn’t that chill your blood. Anyway just a little tidbit for thought. Cheers, james

Ps We now return you to our normally scheduled non-political blog.

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