NaNo Update: The End

Word count: 21,469

Well the last thirty days have been awesome, crazy, tiring, and just plain intense. I came, I saw, I got my butt kicked or did I. Yes NaNo you won this round, but I won in writing my butt off for the last month. Not only did I write every day, I kept my blog posts going too.

I learned this is my kinda crazy and I will be back next year with a new game plan. The thing that I loved doing but really slowed me down was hand writing the whole thing. I will have to decide early on what I am going to use and stick with it. Be it using the laptop, the tablet or more likely my phone. I need to work on the outlining thing because my story took off without me. And the subplot for the moment has become my main plot. While my main plot has gone AWOL (absent with out leave).

In the mean time I had an unplanned shooting, a phone bomb, and niffty tech. There is a kidnapping, a vanished character, and a love interest that showed up from the blue. I have jumped time forward about fifteen years. I gotta say a future without corvettes is a bleak future indeed.

Here is to the ones that spanked NaNo, the ones who didn’t win the count but won something more valuable and the ones that are thinking about taking the plunge. I applaud each and everyone of you. Mr. Beatty is write, the world needs our stories, because we are the only ones that can tell them. Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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