Rough Writers Club

In the NaNo site I was contacted about a strange, unique writing community. I visted their page, it so happens to be a wordpress group too.

I read the Writers Manfesto and thought, dang they must have crawled in my head and pulled this stuff out. The amazing part is they are like me or I’m like them.
          1) They want to write and to make a difference with their writing. Well hello that is me to a tee.
         2) Writing is hard to do, but you don’t have to do it alone. I mean you do but you know you aren’t the only one out there following the drunk rabbit down an acid induced maze. (Friends don’t let friends write under the influence. Also I do not promote the use of any mind altering substances with the Exception of: Coffee, Sugar, Tea, Soda, or Chocolate.)

Okay so have I got your attention yet? Here is the super secret website. Check it out, say Hi and if maybe these folks sound like folks you could hang with, sign up.
Cheers, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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