Ready, Set, Write!

I wish I could say that Nov. 1st is going to be an awesome writing day and NaNo will be smooth sailing. I know better. Writing is all fun and games until the words that poured out fast and furious are down to measley drip drops.

However I chose not to focus on that, but instead Saturday night and my wedding anniversary to my awesome, fantastic hubby. Wow seven years, where did the time go.
This time seven years ago I was getting ready to go to Gatlinburg TN for our wedding.

Chapel at the Park provided a beautiful charming little chapel, perfect weather and a peaceful pastor. He spoke more to my soon to be hubby than me, but only because I was late. Never fails I always seem to be late for the important stuff. Tying this back to writing, hopefully I will be on time for NaNo at Nov. 30th.

Cheers on this Halloween weekend, james

Comments and feedback are welcome! I will read and resond to you.

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