NaNo Project Named

Finally I have hatched a idea for my NaNo project.

Offically titled and created novel: Manuscripts Epiphanies Illuminated.

Main character has been named: Deleware Blanche “DB” Cooper. She is a manuscript and book restorationist and takes commissions to create modern manuscripts and books.

Plot so far: She is hired to create an illuminated manuscript of Robert E. Howard’s Conan series. While creating the manuscript she notices clues emerging that lead her on a quest.

Subplot intrique: For every work that she does, she makes the client’s copy and creates a second copy. She justifies it as an insurance policy in case something happens to the client’s copy.
I get the feeling this is going to lead to trouble at some point. (At least I hope so.)

So that is my NaNo project, wishing all the best to everyone writing everywhere. Hats off to the NaNo-ers that are planning to take part.

Cheers, james

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